Dr. Mathew J. Morris, DPM, FACFAS

Dr. Morris has been serving the Redlands community since 2012 and is Board Certified by the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry in the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Wounds and in Diabetic Footwear and currently serves on the Limb Salvage Program at Redlands Community Hospital. Dr. Morris is also Board Certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle surgery in Foot Surgery and has done hundreds of foot surgeries ranging from fixing foot deformities to treating severe infections and wounds.

Dr. Morris holds an AAS from Brigham Young University-Idaho, a BS in Human Resource Management from Utah State University and a DPM from The Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine. After finishing Podiatry School Dr. Morris completed a 3 year surgical residence at DVA Jerry L. Pettis Memorial Hospital in Loma Linda, CA where he received extensive training in foot surgery, wound care and diabetic limb salvage. He served as Chief Resident from 2011-2012. After residency, Dr. Morris has served the local area and brings a wealth of knowledge in treating all types of foot and ankle conditions both conservatively and surgically and is always looking forward to helping in any way possible.

Dr. Aaron Chambers, DPM, FACFAS

Dr. Chambers is proud to be a part of Redlands Podiatry Group. Dr. Chambers is dual Board-Certified, both in Foot Surgery and Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery as well as Board Certified in Podiatric Medicine by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Chambers brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help get patients back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Dr. Chambers began his education at the University of Missouri, where he earned his Bachelors degree, before starting his medical training at Western University of Health Sciences. After completing his Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Chambers then finished his residency at the DVA Jerry L. Pettis Memorial Hospital in Loma Linda, CA and served six years active-duty as a podiatrist for the United States Navy.

With extensive training, certification, and experience in the lower extremity, Dr. Chambers is available to treat all facets of foot and ankle pathology, from wound-healing to complex reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. He believes in a patient-centered approach and that no two individuals are alike on their path toward healing.