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Foot and Ankle Surgery services offered in Redlands, CA

Most foot and ankle problems respond to non-invasive care, but in cases of severe foot or ankle injuries or stubborn chronic pain, it’s good to know you have access to the best specialists in podiatric surgery. At Redlands Podiatry Group PC in Redlands, California, the team led by podiatrist Mathew Morris, DPM, FACFAS, offers surgery for all types of complex foot and ankle issues. Call the office to schedule an appointment today to learn more.

Foot and Ankle Surgery Q & A

What problems may require foot and ankle surgery?

Most foot and ankle problems improve with conservative nonsurgical treatments like medication, splinting or bracing, wound healing, and orthotics. But in some instances, injury or disease may cause severe damage within the foot or ankle, requiring surgery to reconstruct or restore the affected bones and tissues. 

Some examples of issues that might require foot and ankle surgery include: 

  • Bunions
  • Hammertoe
  • Fractures
  • Ligament tears
  • Tendon tears
  • Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs
  • Severe foot ulcers
  • Arthritic joint damage

The Redlands Podiatry Group PC recommends foot and ankle surgery only if conservative methods fail or don’t provide adequate pain relief and mobility improvement. 

How does foot and ankle surgery work?

Every foot and ankle surgery is different because the team tailors the procedure according to your condition and its severity, your medical history, and your specific treatment goals. 

In many cases, the team uses minimally invasive approaches, with tiny incisions and advanced miniaturized surgical tools, to perform foot and ankle surgery. Some procedures may require one longer incision and traditional surgical techniques.

The team can perform many types of surgical corrections, including:

  • Realigning broken bones
  • Debriding (removing) dead tissue
  • Removing loose bone or cartilage
  • Reattaching tendons and ligaments
  • Making precise cuts to relieve excessive tension
  • Replacing a worn joint
  • Fusing the two bones of a painful joint

The Redlands Podiatry Group PC team uses the approach that offers the best results, so you can return to full mobility as quickly as possible.  

What can I expect after foot and ankle surgery?

After foot and ankle surgery, the team gives you a complete recovery plan to follow at home. This usually includes taking your medication as prescribed, elevating your foot above your heart, applying ice as directed, and starting physical therapy soon after the procedure. 

You’ll receive specific directions regarding your return to walking, driving, and other activities. Some people are already bearing weight and walking using an assistive device within just days of foot and ankle surgery, but every condition and procedure is unique. 

Redlands Podiatry Group PC provides highly skilled foot and ankle surgery with your mobility and active life in mind. Call the office to schedule an appointment today to learn more.